Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The roots thing...

An American friend of mine who's spending time in India with his family inspired me to start a blog. After 20 years of living in Canada it was time for me to do the roots thing as well.

For the past three months I have been in beautiful Buenos Aires spending time with family, working on an interesting project related to education policy and the national debt problem, and enjoying a nightlife that I still can't believe exists. I have also been carefully observing how the country has been slowly dusting itself off from a devastating depression that peaked in 2001.

Since arriving, I constantly search for clues to solve what remains a mystery to me: how can a country that was once considered to be as developed as most Western European countries about 7 decades ago, have gone through a process of under-development that left half of its population in poverty and the other half in constant fear of the poor?

While I am quite familiar with the various economics-centred answers from both ends of the political spectrum, I find them too simplistic and incomplete. In the upcoming months I hope to develop a broader understanding of Argentina's culture, and share with you some deeper insights that I never found in my text books or in news articles.


Blogger Juanson said...


you forgot to mention that you are coordinating the cono sur operations of one of the norte's biggest inter-american exchange programs.

1:33 PM  
Blogger Diego said...

Christian, mae, thanks for the reminder.

I almost forgot that I was recently "appointed" by Princeton in Latin America (PiLA) as their Regional Director.

Hopefully I'll be up on their website soon and more business cards are on their way...

6:17 PM  
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